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I am now designing and building websites for people within the Sex Work community.

If you are a Sex Worker, Advocate, or Friend of the Community I would love to help you build your own online presence.  A strong, personal online presence is a valuable tool for any Sex Worker.

For an example of my work, please check out:


I’m sure you have some questions.  Here are a few answers:

What will my site look like?

That is up to you.  There are tons of different designs available, including having an entirely custom design.  You can include photos, art, videos, and much more.  The limits are only defined by your imagination. . . and budget.

How much will it cost?

There are two parts to this:

  • The purchase of your domain name and hosting
  • My fee for design and set-up of your site

My fee for a basic design, build, and set-up of a website is between $200–500 dollars. Most sites can be built fairly quickly, keeping the cost low.  I do require a deposit of $150 to start working.

The cost of purchasing a domain name for your site ranges between $10-$25.  Hosting can be cheap or expensive.  This depends on the service provider and the level of hosting you require.  You will pay this directly to the hosting service, though I can help you get signed up.  Currently I pay between $60 and $200 a year for hosting for the websites that I own.

There can be additional costs for design and set-up if you want more specialized elements that have costs associated with them.

Overall, you can have your very own website up and running for less than $300.

How long does this take?

I can usually have a website up and running within about 10 days.  But this also depends on you.  Building a website that meets your needs and desires takes communication between us.  The better the communication, the quicker the work can be done.

What about maintaining the website?

I can also provide service in maintaining your website.  Service can range from just making sure it is running properly, to handling all of your updates, to helping to create content.  Monthly service can cost as little as $50, though a basic service will be $100 a month.  A monthly service contract also includes free advertising of your website on appropriate websites that I own, including this site & The ValleyScott Blog.

Contact me for more information or to ask any other questions:



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